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What does My Groovy Reviews do?

Asks your customers for reviews by email or text message (unlimited emails and 1,000 sms per month)

Posts reviews to review sites of your choice, or decides for you which would benefit the most

Redirects bad reviews to you as feedback for your eyes only

Integrates with your current software to automate the entire process

Allows you to have "kiosk mode" open on a tablet to collect reviews

Gives your business Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits - your Google business listing will climb higher in the search results. Regular reviews which are full of relevant keywords relating to your business' niche tell Google that you're current AND relevant. Google loves to see this and shows you above your competitors in the search results.

Which of these two businesses would you choose?

Now ask yourself... how does your business appear in Google search results?

If you're not appearing as the clear top choice business then customers are spending money with your competitors.

Every. Single. Day.

My Groovy Reviews helps make your customers your most effective marketing tool so you can expect a LOT more customers!

Did you know: Businesses with increased trust through great reviews are able to charge customers 15-30% more?

Track and monitor your entire online web presence. Our software monitors both you and your competition in real time. You'll receive alerts about all important changes to your reputation.

Choose where reviews go manually, or automate the process. Our software can decide for you which review site needs positive reviews the most and can send them there without you ever having to make a decision.

We brand everything your customers see to your business colors and logo.

We aim to get reviews from 40% of your customers. We can achieve such great results by adjusting the timing of when the review request is sent to customers.

You can login to your dashboard anytime to assess your reviews or let automation take care of everything for you. You'll receive a monthly report automatically showing changes in your online reputation.

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...and become the go-to choice for customers in your area.
Now you can grow your business' online reviews on AUTOPILOT...
...and rank higher in the Google search results.

A software which helps your business get a lot more 4- and 5-star reviews, avoid negative reviews AND rank higher in Google search results.

What is it?

Who is it for?

Any business owner who has realized the importance of more reviews, a better star rating and ranking higher in search - and is ready to start crushing their competition!

Why would I use this?

If you're not showing up with a ton of awesome reviews near the top of search results, your competitors are stealing your customers.

Is My Groovy Reviews Right For My Business?

You're a small or medium sized business with some online reviews.

You would love to improve your rating and number of reviews.

You like the idea of going from 30 reviews to 300+ reviews.

You're excited for your awesome reviews and higher ranking in search results to give you a lot more customers.

You know that a strong collection of positive reviews is an asset to your business which helps secure your business' future.

You're ready to start reclaiming customers from your competition.

You're ready to stop spending time and money on other wasted marketing/advertising efforts.

All you need to market your business in the most effective way possible. Outshine your competitors so you're the first choice for customers.


What happens next...

Sign up for My Groovy Reviews

Within 24 hours

We'll enter your business name into our software and set you up. We just need 24 hours to collect all your reviews (and those of your competitors!). We'll also set up your logo and brand colors inside your account ready for you to send review requests to your customers.  

We set up your account

 14 Day Free Trial

Sign up to a risk free 14 day free trial. No credit card is required and you can cancel anytime.  

Your account is ready

Sign in to your account

We'll send you your login details within 24 hours. Sign in to your account and select your preferences. Pick which review sites you want your new reviews to be sent to. Select whether you want your bad reviews to be "internalized" for your eyes only. Edit your customer review request messages and response messages if you wish.

Start getting reviews!

Ask your customers for reviews

Choose from up to 5 possible ways to generate customer reviews using our software. All methods lead your customers to your My Groovy Reviews review request screen with your branding. 

1. 100% on autopilot using Integrations with a software called Zapier - This is the favorite method for asking for reviews. It allows the entire review request process to be automated so you won't have to manually ask for a review, or manually enter customers into your portal.

"Integrations" are about allowing two pieces of software to work together. My Groovy Reviews can work with 2,000+ other applications using a service called Zapier as the go-between.

Here's an example - Let's say you're using something like Quickbooks. My Groovy Reviews can send out a review request every time Quickbooks sends an invoice to a new customer.

This way you send hundreds of review requests 100% on autopilot.

Common integrations with My Groovy Reviews are Quickbooks, Salesforce, Stripe, MailChimp, and many, many more!

2. Enter customers' names and emails or phone numbers inside your portal - An email branded with your business' logo and colors will then be sent to each customer asking for a review. Make sure to enter customers each day to maximize your customer reviews.

3. Have a tablet or computer screen with "Kiosk Mode" open - Invite customers to input their details on your screen. Our software would then send those customers an email or text asking for a review.

4. Flyers with QR codes - Laminated flyers with a QR code encourage reviews. Especially where a discount or incentive is offered. Scanning the code with a phone leads customers to your branded screen asking for a review. We can create, print and send you impressive flyers with unique QR codes featuring your logo inside the code.

5. Set up a domain such as Review[YourBusiness].com - We'll be happy to set this up for you for free. We'll purchase the domain and set it up to redirect to your business' branded review request screen. Your job would be to encourage customers to visit the website to leave a review.

No credit card required.
Start your 14-day FREE trial.

How to ask for reviews

Quick and Easy Set Up
Unlimited Email Review Requests
Branded to Your Business
1,000 SMS Review Requests Per Month
Custom Delay Timer for Sending Review Requests
Automated Review Reminders
Customizable Emails/SMS to Customers
Active Reputation Monitoring
Zapier Integrations (3,000+ Other Apps) to Automate Everything
Reputation Alerts
Kiosk Mode
Monthly Reports & Analytics
HIPAA Compliant
Chat, Email and Phone Support

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